Brenda Loew - Testimonials



"Brenda is an extraordinary practitioner, deeply committed to her field and most importantly to the best care possible in the service of her clients. The healing that Brenda brings to the world deserves great praise and deep thanks. I encourage anyone who wants optimal health to consider working with Brenda Loew!" ~ Bob S.

"Brenda helped me when I was having a lot of back pain. I was performing nightly in a very demanding show and I needed a professional healer. Brenda did wonders on my back and her sessions had a calming and soothing effect long after the therapy was over. Her care for the patient was always the number one priority. I recommend Brenda if you are in the Seattle area." ~ Joe O.

"Brenda is my primary health care provider.  Her unique combination of extensive education and personal talent and wisdom makes her a very valuable resource for all who are lucky enough to find her.  She has helped me through physical ailments, pulled muscles, disease processes and emotional issues.  She is also a wonderful teacher - whether its meditation, alternative healing or just an insightful new way to look at an issue i'm facing, she always provides me with something i can leave with and use to further augment my own healing. I have referred several people to Brenda.  A few of them were new to acupuncture and they were all very pleasantly surprised by the healing they received.  She is an extremely talented, compassionate, and wise teacher and practitioner and she brings a bit of joy and laughter whenever i see her, which always warms my heart. If you are lucky enough to hear about Brenda, then do not delay your visit to her.  She has the most gentle touch i've ever experienced and we are so lucky to have her here in Seattle." - Dia L.

"I can't recommend this practitioner more highly.  Brenda has been may main healthcare practitioner for 5 years and i've received excellent results for everything from stress related issues to physical problems.  I always feel very lucky to be able to refer my clients and friends to her, as she is a teacher's teacher and is truly in the upper echelon of providers in a city that has a high quotient of Acupuncture professionals.  She is not only highly skilled., she is just so caring and always goes the extra mile to make sure i feel completely taken care of. She's a gem!  Don't  hesitate - treat yourself and go see how good excellent care feels and how amazing Acupuncture is!"
- Sherry S.

"I've found Brenda to be the best Acupuncturist I've ever had, and love her gentle and accurate approaches to balance and wellness. I gained a new appreciation of receiving acupuncture with the Japanese style she uses, along with her gift of creating a peaceful environment and over-all experience, all for which I'm grateful for. Thank you for your supportive ways." ~ Callie L.V.

"I had the pleasure of being a patient of Brenda's for over 17 years, ending when we moved out of state. Brenda always provided the gentlest, care and healing. My only complaint was she wouldn't let me box her up and move her with me! Finding someone comparable in our new location has been a challenge." ~ Carol J.

"Brenda is an amazing healer. whether you have a cold, flu, sprained wrist or back ache, she works with you and comes up with both healing of body and mind. Fantastic!" ~ Bryher H.

"Brenda is an exceptional healthcare provider. She has extensive knowledge of acupuncture, many years of experience, and is also an intuitive healer. Brenda
is compassionate, kind, and a generous person who instills trust in her clients. She is a good listener and simply being in her presence has a profound calming effect. I highly recommend her!" ~ Lynne C. M.

"Brenda is a skilled, gentle and effective acupuncturist. She was able to readily understand what was going on with my body and offer treatment that I felt had immediate results. I highly recommend her." ~ Anna B. G.

"Brenda Loew is a consummate professional. She has extensive experience, knowledge, expertise, and integrity of the highest level. I recommend her without reservations. She is a true healer." ~ Bruce T.
"Brenda is a tremendously gifted healer. We have been doing acupuncture together for the past 20 years and have become dear friends. She is so gentle and knowledgeable. I always feel so much better after visiting her. I could not recommend her more highly." ~ Kathleen O.
"After a year of seeing doctors in New York that provided no relief for a martial arts injury, Brenda succeeded in alleviating all my pain after just two visits." ~ Randy L.
"Brenda is very skilled at diagnosing and treating using her very powerful Japanese acupuncture training. Her focus is completely on her patient, her care is excellent, and she follows up with suggestions and ongoing information." ~ Melissa T.
"Brenda is my primary care provider. I see her monthly because she fine tunes me for the insane and meaningful life I live. Her knowledge and understanding of the working of human life is amazing. I owe her my return to health for dislocated rib, for imbalance in blood chemistry and circulatory systems. She is such a great advisor but without arrogance or taking over my decision-making process. She works from the philosophy of "each person returning them self to full health with skilled resources who support them in learning and changing". Her knowledge in Toyohari, a specialized form of Eastern Asian medicine and Japanese acupuncture leads her to be a global teacher while she stays a local practitioner. Even other experts seek her advise and help. I cannot imagine my state of health without Brenda." ~ Carol S.