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Chi-Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang practitioners are trained in Chi-Kung and work mainly on the abdomen with deep, soft and gentle touch, to train internal organs to work more efficiently and also address unprocessed emotional charges. All of the body systems are addressed: digestion, respiration, lymph, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, skeleto-muscular and the acupuncture energy system (Chi).

Chinese Acupuncture

Based on the classic texts of Nei Jing and Nan Jing. The practitioner is well versed in many effective empirical points, and in the theories of yin and yang, and the five phases. He is able to assess and balance the excess and deficiency of the fourteen meridians of the body. A good practitioner is able to work outside the fourteen channels as well. Chinese Acupuncture is effective in ameliorating many painful conditions and treating many internal diseases.

Chinese Herbs

Highly effective in treating various symptoms and diseases. Their effectiveness is a reflection of the herbalist's knowledge and skill. To use Chinese Herbs well, the practitioner must systematically match the patient's symptoms to the herbs, and be well versed in classical texts such as Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue. For mild cases, concentrated powders of these herbs, known as granules, are used for their convenience. For more severe cases, raw herbs, that require cooking, are necessary.

Continuum Movement

Continuum is at the same time a philosophical, scientific, artistic, musical, poetic, and spiritual concept, a cosmology, and an advanced state of consciousness.

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle form of treatment which enhances the function of every system in the body through balancing the craniosacral rhythm. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) practitioners listen to the body's subtle fluid impulses and rhythms.

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