Liz Waldner - Testimonials


After doing traditional physical therapy and getting only partially better, I found Liz Waldner.  Working with Liz has been a wonderful experience.  Not only has she helped me reduce my pain and restore full function, she has taught me so much about how structures are so intimately connected in the body.  She really understands the musculoskeletal system and her training in myofascial and craniosacral techniques are a great addition to her physical therapy training allowing her to effectively address deep structures.  Physical therapy does not have to hurt to make you better!  I highly recommend Liz to anyone who is injured, who is frustrated that they are in pain or who hasn’t regained full pre-injury status.

-Adina De Santis, LMP and ATC


Liz is truly a master physical therapist – her wise, holistic approach to patient care is extremely gentle and amazingly effective.  Having benefited from Liz’s care for several years (following auto accidents, back surgery, acute sinusitis, etc.) we have referred numerous family and friends who  have come away marveling at Liz’s expertise as thoroughly as we do.

-Jeanne and James Deller, Clients


Liz Waldner is a find; her practical ways of restoring function to the body are amazing.  Her traditional physical therapy education along with her diverse array of techniques and her keen perception make Liz the best physical therapist in Seattle.  I refer to her with confidence every time.

-Dr. Humphreys, ND


As a grant writer, I spend a significant amount of time typing and have been seeing Liz Waldner for over ten years for back and neck pain and various injuries.  Liz’s education and experience in both physical therapy and bodywork has given her skills that are  the best of both worlds.  She has a deep and thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology, which along with an intuitive sensitivity to a patient’s body, lets her locate and resolve the tensions that lead to pain.  When I’m tangled and clenched in knots she gently  untangles the muscles and nerves so I can heal.  I’ve had a lot of experience with  physical therapy and bodywork over my five plus decades and Liz is the one I trust absolutely and without reservation.

-Nanette Westerman, Client


Liz is able to unlock tenacious holding patterns in the body that disrupt freedom of movement.  Her techniques take her work from the most superficial layers of the body to the depth of the organs yet it is gentle and comfortable. Her work is profound and her clinical manner highly respectful of the client.  I look forward to her treatments because I know that I will come away more comfortable and with greater clarity.  It is also a great asset that Liz can determine whether the health disturbance is at the physical or emotional levels.

-Inderjeet Ramgotra MSc LAc