Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture? What Do You Need To Know?

Medicare is one of the popular health insurance programs in the United States. Knowing its inclusion can help you maximize its benefits. Like, does Medicare cover acupuncture? Lack of information…...

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July 21, 2021

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Medicare is one of the popular health insurance programs in the United States. Knowing its inclusion can help you maximize its benefits. Like, does Medicare cover acupuncture? Lack of information and advertising can limit one’s advantage. Hence, if you need to do marketing for your medical business, you can get a third party to improve the things you may not know. Keep reading the article to learn about Medicare’s coverage of acupuncture and other Medicare-approved treatments.


Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture applies tiny needles to definite areas in the body to ease pain and re-establish energy flow. As indicated by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, acupuncture can The woman asks, does medicare cover acupuncture?help relieve neck and lower back pain and uneasiness because of osteoarthritis and knee pain.

Many oriental medicines or traditional Chinese medicines are used to treat imbalances in the body that cause pain. However, not all are part of Medicare’s coverage.


Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) declared that they would cover acupuncture administrations to help cure chronic lower back pain. This was announced last January 21, 2020.

Before, Medicare did not include acupuncture to address any condition. Medicare Part B is the section that would cover these therapies, as this records for nonhospital medical treatments.

The new decision gives Medicare coverage for up to 12 periods in 90 days, with the chance of an extra eight sessions if individuals encounter an improvement in their manifestations.

Notwithstanding, Medicare will only include up to 20 periods across a year, based on accessible research about the enduring impacts of acupuncture treatments.

For the plan to cover acupuncture, the professional regulating it should be a doctor. On the other hand, a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or healthcare specialist can carry out this treatment. Just make sure they have a master’s or doctoral-level degree and license to practice acupuncture.

Moreover, Medicare has further developed acupuncture coverage as a feature of a growing effort to help individuals access nonopioid pain administration.

As per an official statement announcing the decision to broaden acupuncture coverage, the CMS assessed a few studies that supported applying this treatment in chronic low back pain.


Medicare Advantage Program: Does It Cover Acupuncture?

Medicare Advantage is an option in contrast to traditional Medicare. Although Sydney Laser Dental’s Pyrmont-based dentists would attest that most insurance companies would not cover dental treatments, an individual with this arrangement pays a private insurance agency for parts A, B, and D. This medicare coverage incorporates medical care, hospital care, and prescription drugs. A few groups choose these programs since they also cover extra services, for example, eye or dental care.

Additionally, Medicare Advantage plans give a similar degree of cover as customary Medicare, including the same procedures and treatments. Hence, the program will also include acupuncture for chronic lower back pain.

In any case, some Medicare Advantage plans may widen the coverage of acupuncture treatments for other conditions. A significant number of these plans require an individual to select healthcare providers from a restricted organization. This prerequisite may stretch out to acupuncture experts. Some programs require a doctor to refer patients with chronic pain to an acupuncture specialist before Medicare covers the expenses.

Individuals with a Medicare Advantage plan may want to speak with their insurance provider for a rundown of in-network healthcare experts and clarify their level of acupuncture inclusion.


Acupuncture Treatment and Low Back Pain

Acupuncture is one of the traditional Chinese medicines used for thousands of years to treat pain and promote wellness. Furthermore, a trained specialist uses tiny needles to specific points on the body to initiate energy flow and ease the pain to perform acupuncture treatment.

This procedure can trigger the arrival of pain-relieving hormones that exist naturally in the body. Imaging investigations of individuals’ brains when they get acupuncture have discovered that the treatment helps calm down overactive pain sensories.

The effects of acupuncture treatment on chronic torment can be long-lasting. In a survey of 29 clinical trials affecting individuals with pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back, knee, an estimated 90% of the 17,922 members, reported pain relief enduring at least a year after their acupuncture treatments.

Moreover, the method does not generally cause significant effects. The most widely recognized is pain and bleeding at the needle insertion area.


Other Conditions

Acupuncture experts apply acupuncture to address a variety of health conditions. In a 2019 article, there is an estimation of 37,000 licensed acupuncturists now practice in the United States.

Moreover, acupuncture can help alleviate side effects of the following conditions:

  • anxietyThe woman gets chiropractic treatment.
  • depression
  • headaches
  • cancer
  • pain
  • allergies
  • constipation and diarrhea
  • gynecological disorders

Nonetheless, there is definitely not a critical assortment of research to support acupuncture treatment as an effective technique for these numerous conditions. Even though practitioners may apply the strategy to address other needs, Medicare will just cover its utilization to treat chronic low back pain.


Other Covered Services To Treat Chronic Low Back Pain

Medicare does not include a few services to address back pain, for example, massage treatment. However, it covers some administrations that treat back pain, including the following.


Chiropractic Treatment

Medicare covers chiropractic care when they cure subluxation. This condition puts additional strain or tension on the nerves toward the back, causing pain.

Medicare Part B includes chiropractic treatment for subluxation up to a supported sum. The deductible applies close to the standard 20 percent coinsurance.


Physical therapy

Medicare covers medically necessary physical treatment on an outpatient premise.

A specialist may prescribe physical therapy to reinforce and stretch the back muscles to lessen strain and pain. The coinsurance and deductible portions apply.


Excluded Services

Medicare won’t cover some back pain therapies, including:

  • homeopathy
  • cold laser therapy
  • massage therapy
  • chiropractic services that do not include spinal manipulation



Acupuncture is one illustration of how Medicare sometimes increases coverage to get a few conditions in response to research.

As of now, chronic low back pain is the solitary Medicare-supported condition for acupuncture technique. In any case, an individual would now be able to utilize the help with a more elevated level of coverage than before.

If a person has Medicare Advantage, they should know their plan to distinguish in-network suppliers and decide if they need a doctor’s referral to look for acupuncture treatment.



How Does Acupuncture Work?

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