How To Get A Virtual Dental Consultation? (3 Basic Steps)

Virtual dental consultations are a convenient and safe method to access a dentist without leaving your home, especially in this current situation. Numerous dental offices are making this approach, such…...

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October 27, 2021

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Virtual dental consultations are a convenient and safe method to access a dentist without leaving your home, especially in this current situation. Numerous dental offices are making this approach, such as Southport Park Dental’s team, to keep providing the dental needs of the patients. Through the help of virtual consultation, people can get the emergency dental care they need or even give them that perfect smile. This article will discuss the standard procedures for getting a virtual dental consultation, including the difference between telehealth and teledentistry.


Telehealth and Teledentistry: What is The Difference?

Given the pandemic situation, wireless and terrestrial communications are necessary to give the public this new medical care system. Telehealth is another type of communications technology that permits patients to get long-distance medical help, healthcare, and public health services.gentle dental care

On the other hand, teledentistry is a remote service giving patients with dental health care arrangements. The role of this service is to increase the access to dentistry for people living in distant regions far from dental care, including those who do not have access to dentistry where they reside.

This new healthcare services platform allows patients to communicate with licensed dentists or doctors remotely at their convenience. In fact, This includes collecting the necessary information before making an actual visit with a local dentist or doctor.

To sum up, teledentistry is a sub-field within the more prominent telehealth field, similarly as dentistry is a sub-field of healthcare and medicine. The only difference between the two services is that the teledentistry platform incorporates dental consultations.


An Upgrade on Teledentistry

Teledentistry has been around since the innovation of the phone. In fact, it is advancing to more noteworthy heights with new technology.

Since innovation is undeniably more intricate, licensed dentists can conduct video conferencing interviews, making them more in-depth. Also, dental specialists can consult and diagnose some cases before making an in-person visit the next day, week, or month as necessary.

By connecting to the patient’s cell phone, tablet or laptop, the board-certified dentist can consult the patient to determine the level of intervention and care they need.

Furthermore, it is helpful for both parties to evaluate dental problems early. Particularly if the patient needs to take antibiotics or any other medications until they can book an appointment.


How Does A Virtual Dental Consultation Work?

A virtual consult is actually very simple. Generally, this includes:


Call the Office or Download a Mobile App

Suppose your regular dental provider has a mobile application. In that case, you can download their app on your phone and complete the registration form. You can also click here to visit this website and create your account. In any case, you can always have an option to call the dental office for a no-cost conversation with a virtual care consultant. They will decide whether a virtual appointment with a specialist is essential.


Virtual Visits

A dentist will evaluate your need with the same expertise you get during an office visit if you require care.

Usually, a virtual dentist will be with you within 10 minutes to help you with your dental needs. They can assess and remediate the condition and prescribe any non-narcotic medication required, which you can purchase at the drug store area of your choice.

This virtual consultation can also help your dentist spot the issue or direct you to a nearby dental office.


Prep For Office Visits

Typically, the dentist takes proactive ways to protect you, incorporating everything from deep cleanings to symptom screenings. Once you need dental work, they will schedule your dental visit at the most virtual dental consultationconvenient area for you.

For instance, your dentist might recommend root canal treatment, tooth extraction, dental implant surgery, or other dental procedures. Then, they will schedule your appointment to see your dentist face to face.

The provider will operate procedures to limit your risk that incorporate filling out your personal information in advance.


Benefits of a Virtual Consult

A virtual consultation can help new patients or even regular patients in various things, such as:

  • Get a dental assessment and determine if you need urgent or emergency dental treatment or not.
  • Getting guidance on possible treatment options that would be best for you
  • Advise you if you are a potential candidate for the treatment you are looking for.
  • Having a direct referral to one of the trained professionals will save your time and effort to see a general dentist.

Suppose you are putting off a visit to a dentist because of the pandemic, or you are worried about anything associated with your oral health. Then, feel free to get yourself a virtual consult. This new system can help secure your health from the danger of the worldwide pandemic and keep your smile healthy.

If you are in pain and need emergency dental care, schedule your appointment immediately. There are a lot of dental providers that you can check out for a virtual dental appointment.



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