What Does Wellness Mean To You?

Wellness could have different meanings for everyone. Some people believe that wellness is merely the absence of disease. But what does wellness mean to you? You probably think that wellness…...

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September 4, 2021

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Physical Wellness

Wellness includes the physical health of your body. This means that you have to maintain a physically fit and healthy body apart from being spiritually and emotionally healthy. Physical wellness can be achieved by:

  1. physical wellnessExercise. Regular exercise plays a crucial role in keeping your body healthy. It also allows you to reach optimal strength.
  2. Routine health check. Some illnesses and diseases don’t immediately show symptoms. Visiting your doctor regularly for a check-up will ensure that you get the treatment you need as early as possible.
  3. Nutrition. In addition to exercise, one must also ensure that he eats healthy meals to maintain an ideal weight.
  4. Sleep. Adults need at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night to balance the other dimensions of wellness.
  5. Keep your dental health in check. Getting an orthodontic treatment when necessary will ensure that your mouth gets the care it deserves. Hence, extending the benefits to your entire body.

Intellectual Wellness

So how are you going to take care of your intellectual wellness? By doing the following:

  1. Keep yourself updated with the latest events.
  2. Have concerns with the environmental news.
  3. Adding substantial hobbies to your lifestyle
  4. Learning how to manage your time well
  5. Improving your creativity

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness means contemplating the meaning of life. This embodies your personal goals to reduce stress and live a positive and meaningful life. Below are some of the things to do to be a spiritually empowered person:

  1. Search for a quiet space and spend a few minutes there every day
  2. Avoid the things that trigger your stress
  3. Practice your beliefs
  4. Find your life’s purpose
  5. If you have a religion, attend church service regularly
  6. Do not let yourself be defined by stereotypes
  7. Enjoy the journey

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness means maintaining a positive outlook in life despite the challenges along the way. It’s practicing the mind to always look on the brighter side.

It’s not just about assuring oneself that everything will work out fine, it’s believing that challenges really happen, but they are just a temporary stop along the way. To take care of your emotional wellness, here are some of the things that you could do:

  1. Learn to know yourself more. Determine how you can free yourself from stress and be happy.
  2. If needed, seek professional help.
  3. Keep a smile on your face even though you’re having a bad day. Book an appointment here if you need to ask for a reliable dentist’s help in improving your smile.
  4. Share how you feel with someone you trust.
  5. Calm your mind amidst the chaotic surroundings.

It will also help if you talk to your family and friends. After all, the people who care about you will always support your endeavors.

Social Wellness

Social wellness is the ability to balance your personal life and relationships. It’s being able to manage socialization without neglecting your much-needed time for yourself.

A person can achieve social wellness by:

  1. social wellnessBeing involved. Join your colleagues from time to time in shopping, bar hopping, or volunteering.
  2. Know who to trust. It’s essential to have a strong support system. Identify the people that you can run to in times of need.
  3. Determine toxic relationships. It’s time to say goodbye if your partner or best friend is starting to become controlling and manipulative.
  4. Focus on your responsibilities but don’t forget to loosen up as well.

Definition of Wellness from Other Resources

If you’re still having a hard time finalizing what your idea of wellness should be, maybe the following definitions from different people could help you.

Wellness is permitting one’s self to take the time they need for self-love. It’s allowing a person not to feel guilty about going with the flow and not participating in the demands of daily life. Giving yourself the freedom to be alone and be with family. – Amanda Chantal Bacon

Wellness is a feeling. It’s when a person feels activated in all aspects of his life and when things are in harmony. – Neil Grimmer

Complete wellness is feeling good about yourself. It’s about being mentally and physically strong. – Krista Stryker

Wellness is the peace of heart and mind. It’s about being mentally present wherever we may be. It’s looking at all the aspects of life 360 degrees and finding the connection between all of them. Wellness is understanding what we want, and it’s a personal journey that we must cherish. Lastly, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin and doing things according to your liking. -Alison Canavan

Wellness is trusting your instinct even in the most inconvenient times- Ashley Neese



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