What Is Wellness? Discussing The 7 Dimensions Of Wellness

What is wellness? How come that it is a common word we often hear? Even the World Health Organization speaks a lot about wellness. In actuality, wellness is a general…...

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July 31, 2021

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What is wellness? How come that it is a common word we often hear? Even the World Health Organization speaks a lot about wellness. In actuality, wellness is a general term. It has a broad scope that many people are not often familiar with. Health establishments like Omnicare Medical Clinic located at Southbank, for instance, offer excellent holistic health care to their patients. But, really, can holistic health care help us achieve the overall wellness we want in the first place? Let’s gather more wellness information.


What is Wellness?

What is wellness? An excellent overall well-being.Wellness has several definitions. But in general, it involves consistent awareness and activities, choices, and lifestyle habits towards a healthy life. As we mentioned earlier, wellness is a broad term. Some of us may understand it lightly, while others know more profound information about it.

Each of us wants to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life. In this case, we have to do something about it. Wellness doesn’t just come out whenever we want it. It is something we need to work out or strive for to be able to achieve it. Later on, we’ll discuss further details about achieving health and wellness.


Wellness According to World Health Organization

By definition, the World Health Organization defined wellness as the optimal health condition of individuals and groups. The World Health Organization stated that wellness focuses on personal-related aspects and the fulfillment of the expectations from external factors.

Wellness is an active process wherein a person starts to become aware and make healthy lifestyle choices towards a fulfilling life. Wellness is about making choices without compromising self-needs. Meanwhile, wellness has seven dimensions, which we are to talk about next.


7 Dimensions of Wellness

Meanwhile, let’s try to understand wellness using a more specific approach. In actuality, there are several dimensions of wellness that we need to familiarize ourselves with. These dimensions have particular contributions to achieve overall health and wellness.

1 Physical Wellness

Physical activity is an essential requirement of the body. It can help us build strength, flexibility, and endurance. Physical wellness allows us to fight against external bodies that can weaken the immune system. Additionally, it can help prevent the risk of developing health issues and extend our lifespan.

What does it take to achieve physical wellness? For example, it requires physical activity like regular exercise or eating nutritious foods. Another thing to consider for physical health is the number of hours we sleep. During our sleep, the body takes time to regain the energy we need on the next day. The state of complete physical wellness can define the quality of life as well.

2 Spiritual Wellness

This dimension allows us to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in our life. Spiritual wellness ensures that our minds are at peace and in harmony. Furthermore, spiritual wellness involves gaining inner peace. You find yourself the true purpose of your life. In effect, your mind is more open, and your outlook in life is far way different.

There are various ways to achieve the nourishment that your soul needs. Moreover, it is not only the stomach you need to feed. Your soul also requires resources to keep you balanced with every challenge you might face any time around. Additionally, spiritual wellness involves seeking your life’s meaning and purpose.

3 Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness includes mental health up to the expression of emotions. Generally speaking, each of us contains complex emotions. These emotions are the means we can use to connect with other people. In life, we cannot remove the fact that we will face various challenges along our journey.

Some of these challenges may cause us a lot of stress. However, it is the time when we can test how strong our emotional well-being is. How much of our emotional state can we handle? Sometimes, we tend to cross lines when we become too emotional.

In this case, we may become weak and out of control. For this reason, it would be best to seek help from external resources and learn how to express feelings adequately. Mental and social well-being have a connection with our emotional state as well.

4 Intellectual Wellness

We need to feed our minds as well. Intellectual wellness involves exploring new ideas, enhancing skills and abilities, and expanding the mind to more challenges. Our intellectual health also requires growth and improvement.

The nutrition we can also give to our intellectual well-being is to gain more knowledge through continuous learning. Make sure you have a good set of eyes with the help of eye specialists (read this page).

5 Social Wellness

Being socially connected with others despite diversity.A complete physical, mental, and social wellness needs balance. Wellness is an active process and not merely the absence of disease only. However, disease or infirmity can also affect social wellness. It can also make mental health weak.

The social dimension involves building positive relationships with other people. The best thing we can do to improve this dimension is to spend quality time with family, friends or join a community group.

6 Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness involves taking responsibility and being conscious of how your actions may affect the environment. The process of achieving environmental wellness may include water conservation, recycling, or simply being clean and green.

Furthermore, it does not only apply to external places, such as the community. It is also necessary to practice it within your personal space. The environment we live in can boost good health and our sense of responsibility.

7 Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness involves finding a job or activity to practice their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Self-growth requires a self-directed initiative to search for an occupational place to use the gifts, skills, and talents with a purpose.

A person may experience difficulties in finding occupational wellness down the line. However, a positive mindset can lead a person toward occupational success.


Health and Wellness

Self-empowerment lies in the positive mindset of a person. Achieving multidimensional overall health is tremendous, despite the long and broad process. Additionally, optimal fitness is achievable with the help of a holistic medical approach.

For instance, optimal fitness requires you to have dental procedures to maintain and improve your dental health. High-quality tools are necessary to achieve optimal dental health conditions. Furthermore, nutrition, exercise, and the sense of making choices, we need to balance everything. This way, we can achieve the overall health and wellness we aim for.

If you find this article interesting, feel free to share this with others. You can help them become aware of these dimensions of wellness.



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